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Authentic Speaking® is a unique program that dramatically develops your public speaking and communication skills.

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Written Testimonials
A sample of some of the comments we've received from the many hundreds of satisfied course & coaching graduates.

“I now have the skills and knowledge to speak with confidence and engage my audience on a level I never knew existed. Not only am I speaking with confidence, I have learnt the necessary skills to engage an audience on all different levels.”

– Stephanie Soter, MBA, CEO

“Peter, I would like to thank you for your much valued coaching last year assisting me with my public speaking skills.
The events which I spoke at ranging from my wife’s birthday to a staff function of 70 and then our grand opening of our new building where over 250 customers, staff & partners and the dignitaries such as the Mayor and his wife were present. All went extremely well... I now feel more comfortable and confident in writing speeches, speaking publicly and making presentations to colleagues and customers.
Thanks again Peter and I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your services to anyone seeking these skills."
- Brett Easton, Managing Director, Cablelogic Pty Ltd

"A big thank you to Peter for pushing me into the next level and coaching me to become a truly professional speaker.”
- Bruce Braes, Director,

Specialist Strategy Security and Intelligence Group Pty Ltd

“Peter recognizes each person as an individual and encourages them to play on their strengths to make them more effective...

I would take the course again."
- Colby Hauser, Senior Consultant - ICNWA, CCIWA

"Peter is an exceptional teacher and I really learnt alot, including good techniques which will help me further my career. I've overcome my fears and can feel that I'm a much more relaxed, clear and confident speaker. I would definitely recommend this course for people who want to become a better public speaker."

- Brendon Barnes

 “Thank you so much.  I learned so much . . . . I now use these principles every time I speak with my team or in meetings!”

Are you looking to become a more confident, persuasive and inspiring speaker? This is for you!

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