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Peter McLean

My name is Peter McLean. I’m an award-winning public speaker, executive, consultant and founder of Lamplighter Performance Consulting. I help individuals and organisations to unlock their public speaking potential and achieve high levels of professional success.



Full Potential

Public Speaking and communication is one of the biggest challenges professionals around the world face in pursuing success. Throughout my coaching career, I have helped hundreds of professionals to become more confident, persuasive and inspiring speakers - from those who are afraid to speak through to effective speakers wanting to reach the next level.



Authentic Speaking®

I combined over 25 years of training and studies in public speaking, psychology, education and leadership to create my Authentic Speaking® Public Speaking program, which teaches people unique foundational principles and ideas that can guide them to become great communicators and public speakers. Whether you want to wow them on the stage or in a meeting, my Authentic Speaking® program will help you achieve your dream of being an excellent communicator and public speaker.

The ability to get up to speak confidently and persuasively in frontof a group is one of the most challenging yet rewarding skills you can develop.

As a young man, I was scared to get up and speak in front of groups. The rest of the world rates Public Speaking as their Number One Fear –even above death! I was right up there with everyone else. But I knew that I had to overcome that fear and become a confident communicator if I wanted to achieve my own goals –lead, travel and make a difference.

So I joined local after-dinner speaking groups and built basic skills for a few years before I got to travel to the US, where I studied public speaking and communications throughout my undergraduate degree. With fantastic training at a University that prized public speaking and ran every single student through rigorous training, I excelled, was awarded their most valued prize in Speaking and represented the University in numerous settings and leadership positions.

I became a teacher for many years after that –teaching a wide array of subjects and honing my craft as a speaker and a teacher through my Masters and Doctoral work.

Becoming a skilled public speaker and communicator opened up my entire world –it gave me the confidence to travel, develop my career, take on leadership positions and conduct work that has helped thousands of others.

Having reaped many rewards from Public Speaking myself, when I started working with organisations and leaders, I knew public speaking and communication skills had to come in top to help my clients reach higher levels of success and leadership. Given my globally unique combination of experience as a trained speaker, expert in education, cognition and learning, my training in counselling psychology, my expertise as a leader and in leadership development and even my training in music, singing and stagework, I knew I had to create a system that would distil in a compact amount of time the lessons I’d learned in over 25 years of professional speaking and communication development to that point.

And so Authentic Speaking® was born. I created a system that helped anyone to become an authentic, confident and inspiring speaker. I cut out the fluff and nonsense and dove into the heart of what connects you to your audience, builds your voice –literally, builds trust and helps you to be a powerful communicator.

I’ve since used this system with hundreds of professionals –from those who used to run away from the room crying but with me became confident speakers for the first time, through to speakers already skilled at their craft, who reached higher levels through my training and coaching.

I’m now making Authentic Speaking® available as an online course and online coaching, available to help you become a confident, authentic and powerful public speaker.
Are you looking to become a more confident, persuasive and inspiring speaker? This is for you!
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Peter McLean
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