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Authentic Speaking® is a unique program that dramatically develops your public speaking and communication skills.

Peter McLean combined his unique experiences on three continents, his expertise in public speaking, psychology, communications theory and education to develop a program to help anyone become a confident public speaker. Hundreds of clients have rapidly developed genuine and convincing communication, have overcome anxiety, increased their confidence and developed strategic communication that has benefited their professional and personal lives in dramatic ways.

Those who’ve completed the program have come away realising that Authentic Speaking® gave them much more than they bargained for – clarifying their purpose, understanding people, understanding themselves, learning skills they could use to serve and lead others every day, applying principles they could use to grow their relationships and achieve greater success.

Authentic Speaking® guides you to build on your own strengths so that you can connect with, persuade and inspire your listeners.
The Online Course covers the following and more…
  • The Nature and Benefit of Public Speaking
  • How Communication Works
  • How and Why People Connect
  • Targeting Audience Needs and Motivations
  • Overcoming Anxiety and Fear of Public Speaking
  • The Secrets of Powerful Messages
  • Divorcing Yourself from “Death By PowerPoint”
  • Discovering Your Purpose
  • The Mechanics of Speaking
  • Structuring Messages for Impact
  • The Secrets of Persuasion
  • Determining Why People Should Listen To You
  • Mastering Energy and Nerves as a Speaker
  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • How to Motivate and Persuade Your Audience
  • Challenging the Myths of Public Speaking
  • Impromptu Speaking
  • Making An Impact in Meetings
  • Being Prepared
  • Working With Your Environment
  • How To Enhance Your Speaking with Aids
  • How To Make Your Ideas Take Flight
  • Getting to the Heart of Your Message
  • Speaking for Different Audience
  • Using Rhetorical Devices
  • Learning From the Greats
  • Developing Your Voice
  • Using Your Voice to Command the Room
  • Using Stories that Powerfully Engage Your Audience and Develop Your Brand
  • Developing A Powerful Presence
  • Preparing Your Speech – from 30 seconds to 30 days
  • Growing as a Speaker
The Online course is a series of video modules with integrated activities and “work” for you to do between modules.

With all of the content listed, you might think this is several semesters worth of dry, dull lectures. They’re not. This is not an academic course, but a practical one delivering you the important ideas that you can apply immediately.

As a highly regarded and effective teacher and speaker with decades of experience, Peter gets to the point, building from one to the next concept so that you quickly see how the many ideas are linked.

Each week, you will receive 2 online modules via link that you can work through at a self-paced rate. Each module is from 15 to 30 minutes in length, depending on the topic. The modules are instantly available to you for lifetime use.
Learn To Become A Confident, Powerful Speaker Now
The full online course is available to you for just USD$975, yours to keep and use for a lifetime.

Once you sign up for the course, you will also receive invitations to exclusive online events through the year.

Start now and don’t miss out.
If you wish to discuss your needs, check whether the program is right for you or discuss a coaching program, you can contact Peter now to arrange a free 15-20 minute Zoom consultation.
Will this program help me to overcome my fear of public speaking?
The program is specifically designed to help those who fear public speaking overcome their fears and anxiety and become confident speakers. Many who have gone through the course have since found themselves speaking in front of groups for the first time in their adult, professional lives. Others who have developed an inexplicable fear and nerves late in life have overcome those fears and nerves and become confident speakers once more.

Peter started out in public speaking because when he was young he was fearful to even talk one-on-one with people. Taking on the challenge, he developed a career where he became an energetic and highly valued speaker one-on-one, in small groups and in front of thousands. So all of the principles behind Authentic Speaking® help you through a combination of good psychology, understanding, skill development from someone who has been there and used the skills as part of his achievements as a leader and leader behind leaders in his many endeavours.
I have no issues with confidence or fear. Will this program help me?
You can see from the content that there is an immense amount of material that helps even the most confident of speakers. And beyond the Authentic Speaking® program there is coaching to assist you to become a better speaker.
Will this program help me to deliver a presentation prepared by someone else?
We help you to learn how to transform even boring slide presentations prepared by someone else into an opportunity to make a difference to your audience each and every time.
Will I learn how to develop my own speeches?
Yes! Speeches, presentations, impromptu addresses, answers to questions or topics, you name it. We want to create public speakers who know how to craft their own speech or presentation, not people just reciting other people’s words.
I’m an executive. Will this program help me to become a better speaker in front of staff, in meetings or in the board room?
We have many executive clients and business leaders who complete the program. It has immensely benefited them. You’ll see how working with your people will be instantly enhanced with your Authentic Speaking® training. Additionally, for higher-level needs, you should enquire about coaching programs. We have worked with many highly successful and aspiring leaders to coach them through important presentations and opportunities critical to their success.
As a professional, is this course for me?
Of course. Because the program works using principles of communication and psychology and not hackneyed tricks, you will be developing high level understanding and skills for use in any environment. But you’ll also learn how to do so while being an real version of yourself, not putting on a façade.
I’m a student. Is this course appropriate for me?
If you want to speak in front of groups – Yes! Then, you can take that skill into your whole career. Public Speaking will open doors for you that others don’t even get to knock on.
Is this course focused on one culture or way of communicating?
No. Authentic Speaking® is multicultural in nature. The course was deliberately designed to work with who you are, to understand your audience and to work from fundamental psychological and communication principles. Although our materials and videos are in English, because we work from foundational principles and not prescriptive tricks our method works across cultures.
I have productive speech difficulties. Will this online program help me?
Authentic Speaking® is not speech therapy, it’s about the Art of Public Speaking. We cover principles and techniques of voice as a starting point, but recommend that if you have intense speech difficulties that you see a certified speech therapist.
What if I want more?
Coaching is available for in-depth development and preparation or for immediate, next-day need. The program is tailored to your needs and budget (see next question below.) If you have completed the online course, this can be followed up with the Level 2 course, which includes advanced concepts, skills and shaping messages for specific occasions. We also provide webinars on specific topics through the course of the year.
Do you provide coaching?
We provide online coaching for individual clients, which is highly effective and tailored to your needs. You just need a good internet connection and space to stand and present, getting instant feedback, guidance and improvement. Peter assists in the whole scope of speaking – from your development as a speaker through to preparation and delivery for important occasions. We also provide coaching for urgent needs. (For high-level clients Peter also provides in-person coaching where feasible.)
Do you provide other kinds of coaching or other services?
Peter is an expert in leadership, performance, strategy and organisational success. He consults with organisations, creating organisational change and growth. He also serves as an executive coach and advisor to professionals, organisations, CEOs and Boards. As you would imagine, Peter is available as a professional speaker and teacher, speaking in numerous contexts on a wide range of topics related to human development and organisational success, creating bespoke experiences for audiences. The website is exclusively devoted to Authentic Speaking® for now, but if you want to enquire about more services, please take advantage of our free consultation offer and advise Peter beforehand of the nature of your enquiry.
How do I sign up?
We advise that, if you haven’t already, you should take advantage of a free consultation with Peter to discuss the full extent of your needs and the program you’d like to undertake. Prospective coaching clients should especially sign up for a free consultation as we will tailor a package for you that may or may not include the online course, depending on your immediate needs. Following your consultation, we will send you a payment link.
If you want to enrol in the online program immediately, simply click here.
After payment, you’ll start receiving your course links each week or we’ll be setting up your coaching times if that’s part of your program.
Are you looking to become a more confident, persuasive and inspiring speaker? This is for you!

If you would like to discuss your needs, you can request a free online consultation, valued at USD$200.

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