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Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

So you have to get up in front of the group and present. The thought of it makes you queasy and tight inside. You know you'll get more and more tense the closer the date comes. And, oh, when you get up to speak your voice will shake and the nerves start. Everyone will see the notes shaking in your hands or your fingers trembling when you control the mouse or keyboard. All eyes will be on your every move and every word. This will be a major disaster.

Public Speaking is challenging in a way unlike almost any other experience. Battle-hardened warriors have been known to blanche in the face of standing in front of a group to speak. It's not about your courage. It's not something to be ashamed of. It's a challenge you should DO SOMETHING ABOUT.

To overcome the fear of Public Speaking, you need to understand both your fears and anxieties and how to overcome them AND how to speak well in front of a group.

2 Principles That Will Help

There are several aspects to overcoming your fears or anxieties in a way that also develops your skill as a speaker. Here are just two principles that will help:

One is to understand how fears impact your thinking. Flight or fight is a very real physical response. Understand how it works and how to manage that response.

A second principle for overcoming your fears is to know what your audience wants. If you understand what they want, you can ensure that what you say is addressing what they need and that therefore they can value you as a speaker.

There is a great deal more to working with either of these factors. For example, I teach people the mechanisms of fear responses but also how to manage and USE them to advantage, even in extreme circumstances. Likewise, great speakers know how to understand needs that audiences aren't even aware of and how to address them. Besides that, there are several more principles that will almost instantaneously change your speaking experience.

I know what it's like to fear public speaking. I feared it when I was younger. I overcame it and have used public speaking as a feature in successful career after successful career. I've worked with many professionals who have had extreme reactions - everything from running from the room to going comatose on stage - and we have successfully set them on the path of becoming confident, powerful speakers. They did it. You can too.

If you have a fear of Public Speaking, you're not alone. But rest assured, you can overcome that fear. Now.

My Authentic Speakicng(R) program tackles your fears head-on. I've helped hundreds of people to not only move quickly and confidently past their fears, and to discover the purpose and power of their speaking. If you want to build your speaking skills, overcome your fears and develop power and presence as a speaker, I coach professionals from all over the world to be better speakers. Together, we an achieve tremendous results.

Contact me today to discuss your needs. Sign up for a free consultation at

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