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Repeat Webinar: Confidence & Authority

If you want others to listen, you need to speak with confidence and authority. Join this live Webinar, as Peter unlocks some of the secret keys to making your voice heard and respected - in meetings, one-on-one or on stage. All attendees can also submit questions for live Q&A.

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This repeat Webinar will run live on December 15, 8-9 am Western Australian Standard time GMT+8 (December 14, 7-8pm US Eastern)RLYD TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE UNTIL NOVEMB

Join our live Webinar and Q&A, when Peter McLean will teach you several special keys to being an authoritative speaker. Whether it's with clients, peers, your students, in the boardroom, or on the stage, this webinar will present original keys that will distinguish your words and ideas from others. The webinar will be 30-35 minutes of presentation, followed by 30 minutes allocated to Q&A or to whenever we run out of questions - whichever comes first. (This webinar and Q&A is included for current Authentic Speaking online course subscribers and current coaching clients. Simply enter the discount code sent to you by email when you register your complimentary ticket.) Can't attend live? The session will be recorded and link made available to all registered attendees. Fee: USD$100

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