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What Public Speaking Is Really About

Bob (not his real name) came to me wanting to develop his public speaking.

He attended my workshop and brought along a colleague. He thanked me warmly afterwards for the development and the experience. He had benefited greatly and said "You promised it would be different, and it was!" His understanding and skill had improved tremendously in a short time - and he enjoyed it.

But it was a little time soon after that Bob called me again.

"My daughter is getting married. It's a big Greek-Italian wedding. Hundreds of people are attending at one of the city's best hotels. There is so much family from both sides, big leaders and names in our community. Even the Greek religious patriarch will be there. As the father, I have to speak. My ex-wife will be there, obviously, as her mother. This is also an opportunity for me to heal rifts. Can you help me prepare something special for my daughter?"

So we worked together. I helped him put together a meaningful, personal speech that he could be proud of. I found what was important from his experience and we teased it out - it was his voice brought to the fore. A fitting tribute to his beautiful daughter.

After the event, Bob called me.

"Peter, it was just.... My daughter cried, her mother cried, we all cried. I went out before I spoke. I prayed that I would not mess this up for my daughter. I rehearsed what we'd done together. I went back in and spoke when it was time. Have you ever felt your heart, your head and your voice all come together in one moment? That's what it was. It was wonderful. Thank you!"

That's what good Public Speaking is about. It's what Authentic Speaking(R) is about and what my program helps you achieve. Not just making a presentation, but crafting your speaking so that your head, your heart and your voice come together in that fantastic moment. Doing something special where you and your hearers come together and share that heart, those words, that moment in time.

You can enrol in the Authentic Speaking online course and/or secure personal coaching for your needs. Contact me for a free consultation.

(C) 2021 Peter J. McLean

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