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Where Should the Attention Be?

Many speakers today continue to try to take the attention off themselves. This is true even on Zoom, where people switch to Screen Share to make their points for them when training, teaching or even telling their own stories.

The way to use Screen Share is the same way you use PowerPoint when speaking - very sparingly. Only use it when the graphic, video or information is going to be far easier to digest and more useful than anything you can ever do. I mean far better than you stating it, like the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words."

If you're having a meeting via Zoom or in person and are sharing information for analysis, then the visual representations or actual evidence is of course useful for shared attention and focus. After you're done with it, however, the attention should return to you.

Webinars where you watch slide after slide and barely if ever see the person presenting decrease trust, connection and perceived authority.

When you're the expert - the one giving the valuable information - you want your audience focused on you. You shouldn't replace you with the 'screen' as the expert. Increase your authority by being the face they see when the important statements are made.

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(c) 2021 Peter J. McLean

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